Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The World on Fire

See, look again into the night sky!
O, the cold dark canvas, pierced by a thousand knives, tiny jewels, like the robe of a goddess
Lust no more, sweet angels of mercy
our hearts are for the taking
we are only lost in the cold, while the world is on fire
Feathery ashes, spread across the lands, across the steeples, across her shining face, pale as the moon, take my hand to brush away all the pain from
Her eyes
At the precipice of Hell I would stand with you, against the nations of the damned, I would follow, even to the ends of time, I would not falter
For now the light does shine through the dark clouds, have no fear, the sun will rise again, like a firefly in the darkest mine, we have found what is most precious
See! The blaze forever burns, inside the body
Keeping me warm on the icy winters' morn.
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