Monday, December 20, 2010

Four Eyes Girl

How did you come into my life,
Sweet Four Eyes Girl?
Like a weary traveller to a far-flung land, along the slanted pathways, to the center of thought
Along the tips of words, and curves of letters,
There she is, standing over
the ruins of a broken soul
O' woman, queen of hearts,
Queen of eternal sunshine -
No muse!
Likewise almost shattered,
now a piece of my puzzle
not jagged, no torn fabric of the mind!
As the gentle clouds drift along, wispy tears of forlorn poets
I watch them in the reflection of your four eyes...
Rain drops, give way to moonbeams, give way to the mercurial sun
fly away to the ends of the earth,
My little four eyes
Go forth to protect your dreams
and I, no broken foundation!
Here to heed your call,
When the hourglsass needs...

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