Saturday, December 18, 2010

Through the Fire

Surrounded by wispy tendrils of black smoke,
whispering echoes of the bloody battle, distant crackle of musket balls, gently carressing the ears,
Through the fire she struck him - touching the aching heart, a great hole in the back, exposed now, felled by lightning in a bottle

Ah! the fortunes of wartime celebrations, the clatter of horses, prancing on the whims of the ancient gods, with sword and shield cracked, swaying lustfully to martial tunes unaware the love he missed was by his side

He mused upon this, waiting for the sweet embrace of Death, fists clenched against the blood-stained ground, each moment, another breath, life flowing from his wounds
Chest heaving, and the ground shaking
O', but the angel knelt beside him, touching his bruised face, with shining blue eyes, taking his soul into her soft hands
On another journey, a reunion of love in the heavens, as the clouds fade from vision one last time
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