Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What we lost

Gone is the sweet echo of her
soft heart, unburdened by the
cracks in the sidewalk,
and cheap humanity, unchained to the anchors of this world,
taken away from my arms, at
the dawn of youth
her tender little smile, ever
curling slightly upwards,
humoring my bad jokes, and
sarcastic nature, unfit for general consumption
With a mind as clear as the skies over a wind-swept mountain peak, a will stronger than blue tempered steel, a graceful figure, dancing over the still water, smooth as glass, a refection of true beauty, of body and soul,
she overcame this meager existence
Taken away from my life, to care for lost souls, like a shepard, she calms the flock
and warms the heart
I will always remember her at her finest, but I can never forget the worst
Taken from my arms, away from me
This is what we lost
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