Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunshine in my Eyes

Sunshine in my Eyes, Oh, a divine sight indeed!
not torn away from my gaze, no pretence, not fallow
I'd stare into a thousand stars afire, for one last glimpse!
at once alight, at once burning into my soul, the Sunshine in my Eyes
Whither away, my sweet sunshine? Turn away, turn away, from self-doubt
the valley of the willow shall be our resting place, not into the shadows
far away, a journey neverending to the center of her heart,
glowing deep ablaze with a passion, the Sunshine in my Eyes
No mere shooting star, even beautifully crafted by the hands of Hephaestus
himself could avert my gaze,
for the beauty of my Sunshine overcomes the Gods
Whither away, o, dark clouds? Is it fear that befalls you?
The fear deep down inside resting alongside the bleached bones of
misfortune, not fickle, always taking
The fear resides, no longer below in the great ocean of sorrow, no
instead you have dissipated, flown high into the heavens under the
gentle brilliance of the Sunshine, she who casts the shadows away
like the loaves and fishes, feeding the hungry soul
forever I will take my time, with the Sunshine in my Eyes

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