Monday, December 6, 2010

Dead Eyes

Drag me down below, fiery hands of hell
Tempt me with cool water,
Drawn from the well of souls
Tempt me, O' sweet Satan
With leavened bread, and
Blood for wine
Lick your lips fellow traveler,
Suck them dry!
Take it all away, the black death
At your servants back door
Take her in the dark of night
Share her with your plastic friends
Tear us apart one more time
In the shadows of the silver moonlight
Drive that wooden stake into his heart
Pound away with your gilded hammer
Through the blood red leaves
She cries, a song of the sirens
Through the blue-green moss
Play us a tune
deity of the forest
Spare me one last time,
Flay the golden fleece
Lay me down
Ride the dawn
Again and again
Till the crimson curtain rises
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