Friday, December 3, 2010

At the End of the Bar

Somewhere along the edges of the dark wood bar
oily, gloriously filthy, greedy
coated by the remnants of
dingy dollar bills
and craven beady eyes
dreams are made, prayers shattered,
tears fell, and love was lost

The wisdom ingrained into the soul of the oak
by the heat of hungry souls and broken hearts
beat on the drum, strum on the heart, sing me a song
O, sweet fate
and while you're about it,
pour me another strong one, lusty barmaid

Make it drown away the feelings,
take it all away, down with the amber waves
to put out the embers below

Seeking cold comfort at the end the bar
an old man, racked with age and regret
never did tread on hallowed ground
never did choose love over himself
never was chosen to follow
the path of the willow

shipwrecked by faith
with eyes like a mirror
doomed to sit at the end of the bar
for fear of falling into something better

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