Friday, December 10, 2010

Below the Surface

Many years have gone by
since the ashen moon came to to me
cradled in Raven's feathers, dark brown eyes seething
like a newborn, unready
for enchantment, and I, willingly ardent
to dispatch the shadows from her world
Then in the night, a great storm raged
pounding the sides of our chosen vessel,
O' the masts did
splinter in two!
Yes, the lighting once struck me like rapture!
Briny ocean grasping me, as she did pull me under
I remember the ceiling of the night sky drifting away
her once gentle features turned to hollow gaze
The tempest was no more

Floating on the great blue, for many a breezy day
head coming to rest on a sunny shore
an island, safe from the jagged spiny rocks
and the wail of the maiden below
now ahead of me in the flame sun
deep blue eyes, and a smile that could melt ice
reflecting an end to the lonely journey
a kindred soul, fortuitous, not left to chance
O, pale moon, set down your heart in another sky!
Mine belongs to another

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