Friday, November 26, 2010

Out of the Fog

Amiable friends, wistfully lusting from one    
   Nothing-doing! the place he knows well
     Neatly settled in the middle of the mind
        A sweet sight when they are close

        Black rain falls, at once split apart
      Like an atom when she is near
    Over the din of clashing words
  Verve is the new trend
Even in his wretched mind

Opening the old pink scars
   Like a war wound not yet healed
     Living at the end of the universe
       Is not for the faith of love
         Exit the dark meadow

         Time will heal the broken soul
       In the lightning the once struck true
     Reveals now only hollow dreams
  Terse lips and curvy hips
Apex of what they once had

Destroyed in a supernova of
the crystalline mind

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