Sunday, November 28, 2010


What have they done to my city?

High above the plastic din
Above the copper misfortunes
Drunk on the screams from
Pale eyes
And blood-stained hope

What have they done to my home?

Precariously placed along the edge of pure reason
Where I felt my head touch the
Paper cotton clouds
My castle of clay, turned to red mud
And the hands from below pulled me under

What have they done to my heart?

Torn from the emerald valley, so fertile in desires
Once drawn from a river of gold
Now rendered into a kings goblet
Full of the blood of Christ, drink away
You know me now, my body your bread

What have they done to my love?

Drown me again in the abyss of your darkest lust
Lose me in the fog of war
Strike me, silver knife at once
Lodged bewteen the blades of my shoulders like a lock and key
Twist away my love! a turn at a time is all it takes
I am in the palm of your hand
my brittle soul
just take one last breath before you go

then squeeze
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