Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nov. 25th

Sitting alone here in the Cheerful Tortoise while writing meaningless drivel, I was pondering on just how I arrived at this point; what were the causes of this outcome? Certainly there are behaviors on my part that have planted me in this unenviable position of being in this place tonight, but is it really all as bad as it seems?

Because I have experienced failure, rejection, death, faith, and even fate, it has afforded me wisdom beyond my years. These experiences have bequeathed inspiration - but is that enough to ensure future happiness? After all, what good is life experience if you can't take your own sage advice.

But I truly believe, that despite all of the horrible things I have gone through in my life - I will be better for it. Somehow its still possible to provide a good example for my son, still possible to care, and become closer to the ones I consider important in my life, and it is still possible to share it all with a woman who will want to share with me all that she has learned...

I have been called at certain times either a "pollyanna", or a "snarky asshole"

I prefer to be a Pollyanna 8 days a week.

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