Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov. 30th

I'm getting excited about the new movie project that I am going to be doing with some friends of mine. The opportunity to engage in the planning, designing, and execution of a movie; even if it will only be around 20min long, and we are all as amateur as you can get. It's still something we all enjoy, and I really think that we can put out a good product.

In addition to that, I have met someone who has (not purposely) inspired me to actually consider writing and possibly submitting a book of poetry. The general outline of the book would include my writing (of course), original photography of my own, and some artwork by myself and others that I know are very talented.

The most difficult part for me will actually be the photography; I have started practicing taking photos of people up close, I ask them to pretend I'm not there, or I just ask them to look into the camera however they see fit. Extracting the real emotion from the photo(s) will be my job as a writer. Other than that, I would like the photos to be of Portland - the people, the seasons, maybe a few landmarks, but mainly the idea is to keep it anonymous.

The artwork will be intertwined throughout the book, but focused mainly on poems or photos that could really inspire some sort of emotional reaction. The whole goal of the book is to cause the reader to feel something.

Anyway, that's it for now...maybe I'll pull some poem outta my ass at some point today....

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