Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neon Lullaby

Late nights crossing the
rusty old bridge,
addled humanity scrambling
along every boardwalk,
every nook and cranny,
filled with eyes
And the neon lights,
blinded our gaze, concealing
the horror's within the heart
of our tainted city
Footsteps softly heard,
around broken street corners,
shattered glass, like so many
dreams, strewn across pathways
where children tread
Breathing in against the stillness
of the night, tracing the lines of
billboards, painted with colors of
promises that cannot be kept
And the murals weep bitterly,
tears of blood as they are
witness - etched by the years
gone by, and those who have
When the morning comes, and the rain
washed away the stains
of the night, the city is revived,
bright as the sun, gleaming off
dark glass towers, reflecting
impossible dreams into the eyes of
a thousand souls,
keeping us alive for one more day

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