Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Masthead's Sway

And the rain came down upon the decks

lashing our poor souls to the edge

with wind and hail

the raindrops, raindrops

like shot and canister

raking across the bow

at once the cry came

"she came upon us in a fury!"

said the old boatswain with fast a prayer

and the masthead swayed to the

wind's fateful song

lighting glinting upon

the raindrops, raindrops

two men, one a mate the other our captain

strayed close to the howling seas

taken by hand down to billowy depths

and Poseidon's reign

no words uttered could now be heard

for the thunder crashed like

a thousand spears to a thousand shields

the raindrops, raindrops

suddenly the sirens waned

as the rigging came to me like

gossamer thread

and the sun peered through

clouds asunder

our senses returned but not our captain

forever lost on

storm's tattered black cloak

never to see again in this life

the raindrops, raindrops.

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