Friday, April 13, 2012

Lilly in the Field

She stands alone in a crowd
Where the lights strobe like fireflies
Resolute assurance, in a burning gaze
Crashing fallow souls, piercing into the night
like a lilly in the field
No gold stars, for her mind is set upon
silver linings
The pounding of many hearts at once
Like drums beating away at cherished fear
Fear of feeling once again
Trembling to the touch, dark Irish eyes
Noting silken cracks in the wall
And the light pours through a
Mirage of lust
Like the wind she exposes time and space,
malevolence rendered
Caught in a web, words shrivel and die
Amidst the sultry dance
She feasts on lies
Spurning water for wine
Holding all regret in the
Back of her mind
Like an avenger
Set upon the world to set us

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